"Joseph Mulak's collection of Short Fiction, 'Haunted Whispers', is an eclectic collection of stories filled with supernatural occurences, black humor, and scary happenings. I was happily pleased how good the stories are. Mulak's collection is evidence of a writer to watch and is well worth the asking price. 11 stories to keep you up at night. Recommended reading." - William Cook, author of Blood Related.

"Haunted Whispers is a frighteningly good collection of horror stories than were entertaining with a good balance of spooky characters, nightmarish scenes and unspoken action that hints at those deep horrors that make one cringe." - Amazon Review

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"Throw out everything you thought you've seen about zombies. There are no views of the zombie apocalypse quite like this. The characters have amazing depth and progression. I LOVE zombies and i've never seen a take on them with this much originality. This is a fantastic book!" - Amazon Review

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"Horror that doesn't pull any punches. The stories will leave you breathless and hungry for more." - Lisa McCourt Hollar, author of The Second Wave: A Post Apocalyptic Tale

"Joseph Mulak is a competent writer equally at home with dark humor or sheer terror." - Carl Hose, author of Blood Legacy