Joseph Mulak was unleashed upon the world in 1980. His mother, unable to live her life listening to a never-ending stream of bad jokes put him up for adoption. He was raised by a loving and unsuspecting family who tried desperately to track down his biological mother in order to give him back.

Mulak grew up wanting to be a writer from the moment he discovered Hardy Boys mysteries and later on Stephen King, Douglas Adams, and others. He wrote a large amount of terrible and derivitive stories while in junior high and high school. Once he graduated, he continued to write terrible and derivitive stories for several years to come.

In 2009, at the age of 29, Mulak published his first story, a zombie comedy called "As in Life, So in Death." From that point on, it's all been downhill. Mulak is now a bestselling author who sells millions of copies of his books every day and spends his time rolling in the massive pile of money he keeps in his bedroom. At least until he wakes up and realizes he's still working his day job and no one outside his very small circle of family and friends has even heard of him let alone bought his book.

He is the author of the novel Flushed, as well as a few horror books he'd rather you not know about since his writing has switched directions toward more humorous topics. 

Joseph lives in North Bay, ON with his wife, Alicia. He has five children. Many people have started a crowdfunding campaign to pay for their treatment for PTSD after spending so many years listening to his jokes. Also, his wife is in need of eyeball replacement surgery after rolling them so much.