"Just when you thought the zombie genre was played out and it was time to put one in its brainpan, ending its rotting misery, Joseph Mulak knocks down the door and sets that sucker ablaze. Ashes to Ashes offers rich characters whom you feel and root for. And one of the most original sources for the zombie apocalypse I've ever read. Yeah, a fast-paced, fun zombie read that just might breathe new life into the undead genre." - Thom Erb, author of Tones of Home and Heaven, Hell, or Houston

"Joseph Mulak's collection of Short Fiction, 'Haunted Whispers', is an eclectic collection of stories filled with supernatural occurrences, black humor, and scary happenings. I was happily pleased with how good they are. Mulak's collection is evidence of a writer to watch and is well worth the asking price. 11 stories to keep you up at night. Recommended reading." - William Cook, author of Blood Related

"Horror that doesn't pull any punches. These stories will leave you breathless and hungry for more." — Lisa McCourt Hollar, author of The Second Wave: A Post Apocalyptic Tale

"Joseph Mulak is a competent writer, equally at home with dark humor or sheer terror." — Carl Hose, author of Blood Legacy & editor of the Dark Light anthology

"Mulak turns light into darkness, approach with caution!" — Carole Gill, author of The House on Blackstone Moor

"'Quality of Life' by Joseph Mulak is a scary story to me because it asks the question: What should a person or family do when a loved one who has become a zombie needs to be treated as if he/she had a medical condition, like Alzheimer’s? Imagine if your health expenses didn’t end just because you happened to be among the Living Dead. Further imagine, if a relative of yours was a zombie under such a medical system, and you were responsible for paying his/her bills, and his/her quality of life(?), what steps would you take to make sure the right thing was done—whatever the right thing might be?" - Douglas R. Cobb, Curled Up With A  Good Book

"Little Angels by Joseph Mulak is an interesting, albeit Polanski-esque novella about a suicidal main character and the literal and figurative demons he is forced to face. Using death as a centrepiece to the novella, Mulak manages to nail down the format in a very dogmatized manner. Although the novella is a tad bit depressing, Mulak ramps up the eeriness with stories of ghoulish deformed children and abandoned towns. If a young Wes Craven and David Lynch had a baby, we’d call him Joseph Mulak." - Renier Palland, Horror Novel Reviews

"This novel grabbed hold of me and didn’t let go." - Pete Barber, Big Al's Books and Pals

This horror anthology has some really good stories that are quite creepy. Of course, some are better than others but overall it is a very solid collection. I definitely recommend. - Amazon Review

"You will not be disappointed with Joseph Mulak's Haunted Whispers. It has something for everyone."

- Amazon Review

"From the beginning this story stood out as something original. The characters are so closely focused on. The emotions that each one experiences in the increasingly deadly situation are so well described you actually feel like a part of it all. That's the way to get into a book. Extremely well written." - Amazon Review

"Throw out everything you thought you've seen about zombies. There are no views of the zombie apocalypse quite like this. The characters have amazing depth and progression. I LOVE zombies and I've never seen a take on them with this much originality. This is a fantastic book!" - Amazon Review

"I thought this was a great collection of short stories that any horror reader will love. I am a huge fan of Richard Laymon and found that these stories were very reminiscent of his writing style." - Angela Williams, The Next Chapter

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