“DEVIL MUSIC rocks! Joseph Mulak has cranked the fear volume dial up to 11 for this novel. I went in expecting a cool haunted house story, but I was thrilled to find out this turned into something much, much darker!”


-- Gord Rollo, Author of The Jigsaw Man and The Crucifixion Experiments

"In 'Devil Music,' Mulak gives us a slow-burning mystery that ramps up in intensity until the doors blow wide open and all Hell breaks loose! This was a ton of fun!"


- Steve Stred, Splatterpunk-Nominated author of 'Sacrament' & 'Mastodon.'

"...this book really contain all the elements. Characters that you automatically like. A credible story. The more you read you can sense the suspense building up." - Amazon Review

After the members of the Celtic rock band 'The Awkward Pauses' arrive at the house of Charles Dempsey, a musician who committed suicide many years ago, strange things begin to happen.

Andy, Shane, Kurt, and Simone plan on recording their first album while staying in the manor. But somehow, their recordings keep getting replaced with another beautiful, yet haunting piece of music. Soon after, two children staying in the house with them go missing.

Exploring more of the house, they soon learn that there's more to Charles Dempsey's death and the house itself. Something is in there with them... and it has its own song it wants them to finish.