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A university student doing a thesis on fear takes his research too far.


A man learns he is next in line to be the Grim Reaper, but does not want to give up his life.


An angel forces a man to relive his worst memory.


A former Nazi hiding in Canada is haunted by more than just his past.


A couple haunted by an unspeakable act committed with the best intentions, with dire consequences.


People haunted by whispers of the past try to forget and move on. But no matter how hard they try, how far they run, it waits for them... And just when they think they are safe, the whispers begin again.

"If a young Wes Craven and David Lynch had a baby, we’d call him Joseph Mulak." - Renier Palland, Horror Novel Reviews

"Joseph Mulak crafts dark, quirky tales filled with twisted psychological elements and weaves them at a pace faster than a woman fleeing for her life from a psychotic killer. This collection is rife with disturbing characters with terrifying inner-struggles that keeps you reading and questioning what your neighbor is really up to. Mulak brings a deep and frightening vision to the dark fiction table. Good stuff!" - Thom Erb, author of Tones of Home.

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