• Joseph Mulak

The Conjuring - The Devil Made Me Do It

I watched the new Conjuring movie the other day and it reminded me of the Love/Hate relationship I've had with these movies over the years.

What I love about these films is that they are great horror movies. I found the films, especially the first two, to be compelling and frightening films and I've watched them several times since their release.

What I hate about them is the fact that the "Based on a True Story" disclaimer they slap on on the films helps to legitimize Ed and Lorraine Warren when they were nothing but con artists. But were they con artists? Just ask Ray Garton.

Not to mention this article, that details several controversies surrounding many of the Warrens cases.

I know many people who hate the movies solely based on the fact that they are based on Ed and Lorraine Warren. I'm not one of them. I view the films the same way I view any fictional horror movie and I get much more enjoyment out of them that way than if I were to view them as true events.

There's a lot to love about The Conjuring films. The acting, the atmosphere, the scripts, the humour, the characters. While the third film isn't nearly as good as the first two, it has it moments. The main drawback to it, in my mind, is the movie seemed to be going in the direction of being part horror movie and part courtroom drama, similar to The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and I was disappointed the court case was non-existent save for the verdict given near the end of the film. I think had they shown the actual case, or at least part of it, it would have made for a much better film.

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